Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 15, 2009


Today, a great day...Tuesday :]
I didnt get up till 11:15 this morning...
I had class at 12:30-1:45, which was very boring. We litterally spent about a half hour going through different people trying to make the correct graph. I was lost the whole time. We have our first exam for that class on thursday and besides the whole graphing thing i should be ready. Im going to read over all the chapter notes again and review vocab anyways.

Did i mention its Alaina's birthday?!

After class i came back to my room and got Husker Hogie :] Very tastey. Relaxed a little and did some math homework until ashley came and got me to go shopping [bad idea]. So we went shopping for like 3ish hours and i did very well.

Happy Birthday Alaina!

Now i am going to attempt to run to the capitol and back from my dorm, for those of you who dont know, the capitol really isnt that far from where i am. Kayla said she would keep me company although i warned her i was out of shape and she would have to take it easy. Wish me luck!

-> the best RA ever :]


Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 12, 2009

Well, this morning was an early one. I got up and showered and was to my parents house by 7:45 am. My dad left to go get gas and i stayed at home while my mom finished getting ready. When he got home i was happy to find that he picked up a Monster for me, my addiction. He loves me :] We stopped and got breakfast at Burger King where i ventured out and tried the busquits and gravy which was so good. And i believe i asked for a lemonade seeing as i dont drink pop, and guess what i got? Mountain Dew, my luck. So then we drove to Fremont and picked up my aunt and finished our journey to Wayne State for there football game. My cousin Heather is in the marching band there. Im gonna have to say im jealous. I miss marching band, more the conducting then marching but i wanna get involved again so bad. But over all it was a blast to watch the game and see her perform. She was in colorgaurd all four years of high school so seeing her march and play her sax. was something new. The game wasnt near as big as the Huskers but it was enjoyable and relaxing. Im glad i went.
I also found out frome Nick today that he is graffitting a t-shirt for me :] Im so excited to see what it will look like completely done!

Friday, September 11, 2009

..here, again.

So, i cant sleep.

I dont really know what i wanna talk about right now but i feel the need to blog.

Patience is the state of endurance under difficult circumstances, which can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without becoming annoyed or upset; or exhibiting forvearance when under strain, especially when faced with long-term difficulties.

Okay, lets break this down.

1. Patience is the state of endurance under difficult circumstances.

- great things in life dont always get handed to us.

i find this word being a big part of my life.

2. which can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without being annoyed or upset.

- everytime nick comes home, i know he has to leave again. its hard waiting months at a time to see him and his beautiful eyes, and knowing its only going to last a couple days. I remember the last few times we have gone to pick him up at the airport and his flight was delayed and i get so anxious. I pace around and cant stand still, his parents think im crazy for getting so ancey, but i wanted him home so badly. i do get annoyed and upset sometimes, but it doesnt last too long.

3. or exhibiting forebearance when under strain, especially when faced with longer-term difficulties.

- sometimes i feel alone. like no one else knows what im going through with the whole military dating thing, but there are others. i have found many in the past months. i have a good friend britney who has been with a guy in the army for about 2 years and i look up to her. i got to her when i need her most, when i miss him too much, or when i just wanna catch up. shes always there and i know that im not alone again. this is a difficulty to an extent, its difficult being away from the one you love most for so long. but knowing he will come home soon again.

...3 years left.

Patience is a good describing word of my life.

There is nothing i want more then to be with him.


September 11, 2009

Today, my one year anniversery with my boyfriend, is a special one. I know he isnt here to celebrate this special day with me but i know we are both happy as can be. He means the world to me.
I remember when we had our first kiss, he was so sweet and i was extremely nervous and in awe that he actually wanted to hang out with me in the first place. After all he was a varsity football player, varsity wrestler and a varsity track athlete. Who was i that he wanted to hang out with me? But hey, we started the Saw movie and i was scared to death the whole time, we cuddled and i squeezed his hand everytime i was scared and he held me. By the end of the movie we were wrestling around and he looked at me, whispered into my ear a question i will never forget..Can i kiss you? He asked and then i looked him in the eyes and shook my head yes and was sent straight back into awe that it really was happening. i thought it was the sweetest thing ever.
I only get to see this amazing guy once every 2-3 months and even one time 6 months. Every second hes home i cherish the moment. I dont always know when ill see him again, but i know that hes coming home to me.
Since this is our one year i guess i am a little jealous of the marines for hogging him. I know im not alone. There are other girls out there going through the same thing and missing there boyfriends as well. But sooner or later we will all get our fairytale endings that we deserve.
I love you Nickolas, with all my heart. I know you will be home soon!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

September 10, 2009

Hey Hey,

Wow oh wow i am an irresponsible person. I lost my parking permit tag and completely forgot that i had a 5-7 page paper due. Now im cramming the best i can. I still cant find the parking pass and my paper is taking forever. Today was kind of boring. I got up and sat through a 3 hour lab of looking through more microscopes and then went a failed a quiz in Intro to Agr./Nat.Res. ok i dont know if i have failed yet but there were a few questions i wasnt sure about. Plus i studied the wrong chapter. I had studied the right ones the week before but crammed last night for the unnecessary chapter. Either way.. i studied, my mommy would be proud. Then i went to work for four hours. Found out that some guys are just real jerks. Like really? You shouldnt tell the girl your breaking up with that you have been planning it for a week and a half..how insecure and babyish. I love you ash! You didnt deserve it. Then i came home and started watching One Tree Hill with Brooke :] Now struggling with this paper... ugh.

Well i gotta get back to work... thought i would fill ya in on the day. Hopefully tomorrow will be smoother.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Get To Know Me?

Hello My Readers,

Starting fresh at college id like to start blogging and keeping track of some of the crazy things that occur here. Im not too far from home but far enough. It feels good to meet new people and just branch off away from the enclosed doors of high school. My schedule is pretty simple and keeps me on my toes. I pretty much walk everywhere and my car barely ever leaves the parking lot..saves on gas eh?

Im on the sixth floor of my dorm and had the goal of taking the stairs everyday...fail. Elevator was just toooooo tempting. The girls on my floor are amazing. There are quite a few housing halls around campus and even tho mine is the low ghetto our floors are a nice size where its easy to get to know everyone. Others are huge and might have up to 100+ guy/girls on each floor so to get to know each other and participate in group activities together is kind of difficult for them. Here if you wanna go get something to eat you just shout it out in the lounge and 2-3 people are always more then willing to go.

My boyfriend of almost a year, Nick, came home this last weekend for 4 days. Nick is an active recon marine, hitting his 1 year mark on August 25, so 3 years left. Those 4 days at home were not long enough but it was so good to see him agian. I now have to wait around 95 days to see him again.. so those of you math do-ers that around december 12ish. And this time its around 3 weeks :] I can not wait and he told me i was meeting his whole family this time. From what i hear thats a boat load of people..a big boat.. Im kind of nervous but excited at the same time. I want to be with him so bad. He means the world to me. Sometimes i dont understand how i can put myself through all of this, but when i remember the times i look into his eyes, i can see his light ocean blue eyes looking back at me. And without words i know hes never going to leave me, hes always going to come home.

My roommate Brooke is another story, i defiantly dont know how i feel about her...she stinks, leaves her junk on the floor, door wide open all the time and she makes such a rucus at night so i can never get any shut eye...KIDDING! Except the smelling part...actually thats a joke too. She smells fine. Shes my bestfriend and i dont know what i would do without her. She really never wants to get me the remote at night which i dont understand, even if she is sooo cuddled up in her own bed.. aha. But really she is great and the other day after nick left she went and got me ice cream so when i got home from the airport i could curl up and eat it. Shes amazing!

Well, thats the first of my many blogs to come i hope. Talk to ya all tomorrow.


Monday, June 8, 2009

So this weekend was graduation weekend. I waited what,12 years for this? It finally came and i am free from highschool! But i never really thought back to how i really got this far. During the graduation comencment one of our senior speakers was talking about who was to thank for all the success we have come across. She told us she wanted to thank her mother. As she does, so do i. Without my mommy i would have never found my lost doll, wouldnt have had bandaids on my booboos and my hair would still be a rats nest. She taught me that the fights i get into now wont mean anything in the long run, that i need to take bigger steps and experience new things,but most of all she tought me how to find myself. I used to want to blend in and i judged everyone who wasnt like me. As i grew older, with my moms help, i have learned that we dont know what other people are going through at home or when no one is watching. They may just need a friend or someone to talk to. She has tought me quite a bit in the 17 years I've been under her roof.

Like they all say "like mother like daughter"
(or vice versa)(see picture above ;])

Mom, thank you so much for everything you do and have done. I will never forget it even when i leave for college. I will be back, not just when the fridge is full and the laundry room is empty, but when i miss my mommy. I know you will always be here for me no matter how old i get. Thanks for being the goofy mom you are :)