Thursday, September 10, 2009

September 10, 2009

Hey Hey,

Wow oh wow i am an irresponsible person. I lost my parking permit tag and completely forgot that i had a 5-7 page paper due. Now im cramming the best i can. I still cant find the parking pass and my paper is taking forever. Today was kind of boring. I got up and sat through a 3 hour lab of looking through more microscopes and then went a failed a quiz in Intro to Agr./Nat.Res. ok i dont know if i have failed yet but there were a few questions i wasnt sure about. Plus i studied the wrong chapter. I had studied the right ones the week before but crammed last night for the unnecessary chapter. Either way.. i studied, my mommy would be proud. Then i went to work for four hours. Found out that some guys are just real jerks. Like really? You shouldnt tell the girl your breaking up with that you have been planning it for a week and a insecure and babyish. I love you ash! You didnt deserve it. Then i came home and started watching One Tree Hill with Brooke :] Now struggling with this paper... ugh.

Well i gotta get back to work... thought i would fill ya in on the day. Hopefully tomorrow will be smoother.



Sheryl said...

So, did you ever get that paper done :)

The Mommy

Brooke Hannah said...

and i helped...
ya jerk.

rcn10 said...

And so Did I.