Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 15, 2009


Today, a great day...Tuesday :]
I didnt get up till 11:15 this morning...
I had class at 12:30-1:45, which was very boring. We litterally spent about a half hour going through different people trying to make the correct graph. I was lost the whole time. We have our first exam for that class on thursday and besides the whole graphing thing i should be ready. Im going to read over all the chapter notes again and review vocab anyways.

Did i mention its Alaina's birthday?!

After class i came back to my room and got Husker Hogie :] Very tastey. Relaxed a little and did some math homework until ashley came and got me to go shopping [bad idea]. So we went shopping for like 3ish hours and i did very well.

Happy Birthday Alaina!

Now i am going to attempt to run to the capitol and back from my dorm, for those of you who dont know, the capitol really isnt that far from where i am. Kayla said she would keep me company although i warned her i was out of shape and she would have to take it easy. Wish me luck!

-> the best RA ever :]



Sheryl said...

So define "you did really well" at shopping - you got really great finds or you held back and didn't spend much :)

K.K. said...

i held back and didnt spend much :]