Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 12, 2009

Well, this morning was an early one. I got up and showered and was to my parents house by 7:45 am. My dad left to go get gas and i stayed at home while my mom finished getting ready. When he got home i was happy to find that he picked up a Monster for me, my addiction. He loves me :] We stopped and got breakfast at Burger King where i ventured out and tried the busquits and gravy which was so good. And i believe i asked for a lemonade seeing as i dont drink pop, and guess what i got? Mountain Dew, my luck. So then we drove to Fremont and picked up my aunt and finished our journey to Wayne State for there football game. My cousin Heather is in the marching band there. Im gonna have to say im jealous. I miss marching band, more the conducting then marching but i wanna get involved again so bad. But over all it was a blast to watch the game and see her perform. She was in colorgaurd all four years of high school so seeing her march and play her sax. was something new. The game wasnt near as big as the Huskers but it was enjoyable and relaxing. Im glad i went.
I also found out frome Nick today that he is graffitting a t-shirt for me :] Im so excited to see what it will look like completely done!

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